Susan Knight

Susan Knight is a Biologist, underwater photographer, and curious explorer. Her main passion and purpose is to re-connect people to nature and their inner selves through visual arts, teaching, and guided experiences. She has been involved in guiding, writing and teaching about the natural world and how important it is for our health and mental wellness for over 20 years. Also, she is silly. In her life and her work, the importance of play and laughter are inherent and highly valued.

Susan has had the opportunity to take people hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling and organize meditation retreats in many locations around the world. She once heard a co-worker remark about her, that she would get in the water with anything. It made her ponder if that might not be a good idea. And then realize, those are the moments she is living for. She sure loves that photo of schooling hammerhead sharks it took 3 years to capture, and the mermaids with whale sharks and dolphins. Her current favorites are anything ocean, and Hawaii’s active volcanoes. More at www.susanknightstudios.com/about.