Stay with us 2 nights or more for your personal retreat

With Vyana (Heather) Reynolds

Flexible Dates
Mermaid Dreams Sanctuary
Come stay with us and experience tropical luxury in a Hawaiian oasis.  In between hosting group retreats, we open Mermaid Dreams to private individuals who seek to experience the ALOHA of the Big Island.  Customize your own personal retreat.  We're here to help.  Call us directly at 808-649-9911 to find dates that work for you.  We typically like to set aside the first week of every month for this purpose.  Start by booking your stay and then plan your activities with the help of Mermaid Vyana and      

Heaven on Earth Retreat with Mermaid Mahalia at Mermaid Dreams

With Mahalia Michael

December 7 - 14, 2019
Mermaid Dreams Sanctuary
Join us for a magical adventure and deep dive into the Bliss of Big Island, Hawaii. Be infused with light while swimming in the tropical waters and its wildlife. MELT into the Bliss Temple of your Nirvana Body, not as busy site seers, rather taking this RICH opportunity to dive within and swim in the depths of your heart and wisdom of your soul. We will have soothing ripples of awakenings at sacred sites and in communion with a Hawaiian elder. Experience profound almighty miraculous Creation and sparkling ILLUMINATION during daily Allumina whale and dolphin transmissions with Mahalia, delicious, healthy…

Embodied Essence Retreat — Refill Your Chalice

With Vyana (Heather) Reynolds and Kore Taylor

May 17 - 23, 2020
Mermaid Dreams Sanctuary
Would you like to be recognized in the beauty and fullness of your essence,  deeply nourished by the depth of presence you will be offered, making it possible for you to sense, connect and actively embody your essential self  from a place of  love, authenticity, sovereignty and joy? Do you long to connect to your boundless creativity?  Sensing that the fulfillment you seek is already within you, perhaps you desire a safe place to claim, maintain, and embody it? Are you wanting to break free of limiting patterns and outworn storylines that do not nourish and support a more expanded and coherent…