Policies – Personal Retreats


WHAT’S INCLUDED.   Staying at Mermaid Dreams includes free uncovered parking and wifi internet.  Guests (that means you) are welcome to use your room and the common areas (3 decks, living room, dining area, pool, outdoor shower and gardens) with quiet times from 9 pm to 9 am.   Meals are NOT included unless specifically provided by the particular retreat, if any, you have chosen.

PAYMENT.  Unless otherwise stated elsewhere in your booking process, an initial 50% non-refundable deposit is due up front to hold your reservation with the remaining balance due 90 days prior to arrival.  The guest authorizes Mermaid Dreams to charge the balance of the personal retreat tuition and/or lodging to the guest’s credit card 90 days prior to arrival. Hawaii excise and accommodation taxes (14.416%) will be added as required by law.

Lodging Cancellation Policy:  Guest’s initial 50% deposit is non-refundable.  The guest authorizes innkeeper to charge the remaining balance to the guest’s credit card 90 days prior to arrival unless reservation is cancelled in writing or by email prior to that date.  All payments are non-refundable even if cancellations are caused by hurricane or act of nature.  No-shows: No refund to guest (the innkeeper is paid as though the guest had stayed).


ADDITIONAL PERSONS & BEDS.  There are extra fees per night for additional guests and there is a limit to how many guests each room can accommodate, so please call ahead.  By invitation only, commuter “day guests” may pay $25 for use of the common areas such as the pool.

CHECK~IN by hosts is between 3 pm and 6 p.m.  Later check-in is also available, but guests will need instructions to find rooms.

CHECK~OUT is 11 am unless late check-out may be available ($35 additional).

NO PETS.  We have one hypoallergenic cat on staff.  Our cat is very friendly toward people, but not toward dogs.

NO SMOKING or DRUG USE.  Smokers sometimes bring the smell of smoke into the home via clothes and luggage.  If you smoke, please be discreet so that your habit does not affect the experience of others.  We do not provide a smoking area, so please smoke off the premises in such a way that it does not impact our neighbors.

NO DRINKING OF ALCOHOL IN EXCESS.   A glass or two of wine, beer or champagne is welcome.  Drunkenness is not welcome.  Please do not drink any beverages over the white carpets.

NO CHILDREN PERMITTED.  Adults over the age of 18 are welcome so that you and other guests can enjoy the quiet atmosphere.   Our home is not child-proof.

KITCHEN is not available to guests by law.  A common refrigerator, microwave and dry food storage is available in a common area only.  We request not having food in your room because it attracts ants.
DISABILITY ACCESS is limited due to the original structure of the home (stairs) and the pool is not accessible.

RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE.   Mermaid Dreams reserves the right to refuse to serve anyone if their presence at Mermaid Dreams presents a nuisance to any other guest.  If a guest is asked to leave for breaking any of the terms and conditions or for any other reason, the guests’ payment will not be refunded.  For example, if a guest arrives with a minor child, a pet or is smoking on the premises, the guest will not be allowed to stay.

PRIVACY.  We do not share your private information with anyone except your retreat leader and their support staff for purposes of serving you.

EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY.  Mermaid Dreams cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or theft on the property. Although we have never experienced theft so far, please take precautions by securing your valuables.  We do not currently provide safes.  We cannot prevent hurricanes or the damage they cause, and we cannot be held responsible for damages caused by acts of nature.   We are not responsible for any injuries caused by centipedes or other insects/animals.  For example, some guests are not accustomed to the noise that the frogs make at night and ear plugs are recommended if a guest is having trouble sleeping due to nature’s symphony.  Charming wild chickens and pheasants also roam free here, and roosters can sometimes be early risers.
Mermaid Dreams has made every effort possible to provide the quality and standards you would expect at a tropical lodge.  If you have any reason for complaint while staying with us, please bring it to the owners’ attention immediately so that remedial action can be taken.

Mermaid Dreams does not provide wake up calls and is not responsible if you miss your flight.  We caution guests not to rely on any electric digital alarm clock because sometimes power outages occur.

Mermaid Dreams and its owners may offer activities and equipment or encourage you to enjoy certain activities provided on the island such as swimming, hiking, biking and snorkeling.  All of these activities are at your own risk.  Mermaid Dreams cannot be held responsible for any injuries you may sustain from any activity or equipment rented/borrowed from us.  We recommend bringing or renting your own snorkel equipment from professional snorkel and dive shops so you can be properly fitted for them.  We try to clean and maintain our equipment, however, this is only provided as a courtesy and free of charge.

Mermaid Dreams cannot be responsible for any damages caused by any pool or hot tub.  Its use is at your own risk.  No lifeguards are on duty.

Guests agree to hold Mermaid Dreams harmless for any damages caused by the retreat activities, its leader or any of the retreat participants including but not limited to the catering.

DAMAGES.  The cost of any damages caused by guest activities shall be billed to the guest.  For example, lost keys ($25), broken furniture, missing robe, coffee or red wine on carpet may need to be cleaned and/or replaced.  The person responsible for the room will be billed accordingly.

JURISDICTION.  These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Hawaii. Any dispute arising shall be exclusively subject to these laws.