Personal Retreats

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and

the winds long to play with your hair”― Khalil Gibran, from The Prophet

woman with arms up

This is an island of abundance, inhabited by Goddesses and erupting with spiritual inspiration and initiation. Recharge and rekindle your connection with the Divine, with nature, the land and the ocean.

Give yourself a personal getaway at Mermaid Dreams Sanctuary, an intimate retreat center on the sunny side of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Luxuriate in a tropical oasis just 10 minutes from the ocean and in a central location to experience several sacred sites.  Indulge in our healing arts gazebo on the yoga deck.

Let the magic begin in the fairy garden, picking fresh fruit from the trees, and discovering Hawaii’s ancient wisdom.



Let the feeling of Aloha embrace you.

“Do you want to turn a vacation into a magical adventure and discover the buried treasures of yourself that you had long forgotten?? THE MERMAID DREAMS SANCTUARY on the Big Island of Hawaii is the inspired place to do just that! The dolphins and Vyana, the living mermaid steward of this magical vortex, graciously offer you the “shovels” and other magical tools to joyfully explore these lost parts of self and have more fun than you can imagine doing it! Vyana re-defines the Hawaiian word Aloha with her beautiful open heart and Muse-like wonder! Don’t miss the chance to play with her in these Magical Realms!”  Ariel Spilsbury, Faerie Godmother

We set aside a number of weeks each year to host personal (individual) retreats for those who prefer to take a solo journey or in small groups. Check out our calendar to see what’s available and feel free to book your spot immediately.  We no longer serve breakfast after Jan. 1, 2020, but we have wonderful cafes less than 5 minutes away with stunning ocean views.

The only prerequisite is to have a specific intention that aligns with our vision This maintains the resonance of our home and allows us to support you.  We recommend planning ahead with Vyana for your inner and outer adventures, as her schedule fills quickly.  Find inspiration in her various offerings at which also holds her Mermaid Mystery School activities.

We also offer “silent retreat” bead talismen upon arrival to allow you quietude when you want it.  Just wear the beads to let other guests know your desire not to talk unless you need to communicate with us.